Hello world!

This blog houses my various musings, ideas and writings of no subject in particular.  Sometimes, I write poetry, sometimes short stories.  At other times, I get fired up about a topic of which I am passionate and I will publish here.  And sometimes a friend will say something that catches my attention because it is funny, odd or intriguing and I will use that as a cue to write something,  It exercises the brain and shows me the content of my mind.

Immediately I am publishing two of those.  One is called “The Complicated Mouth” and the other is “The Remains of a Beautiful Woman.”  These are each phrases from friends who also have written on the topic.

I have another blog space called Donnala’s Travels.  There I plan to post  writing, photos, videos and audio recordings about my inner and outer travels.  Stay tuned, as I leave for Asia in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading my words and please leave me comments as you wish.


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