Just Plain Wrong

June 27, 2012

Did you ever wake up and know that you were just plain wrong about something or someone?  You know the feeling where you just want to slap your forehead (why, I don’t know…. maybe to shake up some brain cells) and you say to yourself, “How could I have not known?  How could I have fooled myself?”

These moments are deeply fertilizing.  What I mean is, if we stick with the new course and don’t jump ostrich-like into the deep quicksand of unconsciousness, or into the depths of self recrimination, we have an opportunity to use these “How could I have been so stupid?” moments to fertilize the growth of a new direction in life.

The ego doesn’t want to hear that she has been wrong.  “How could that be?” she asked demurely.  “Why, I am hardly ever wrong about anything.”   (Can you hear the southern accent?  I don’t know why my ego has a southern accent but she does!  Maybe she really developed when I lived in Alabama, twice. )

Anyhow, I have prided myself for being deeply patient with people in my life – loving the unlovables only to finally realize why they are so unlovable.  But now, I am changing course.

Of course, it is difficult to change the habit of being infinitely patient and yet it is so necessary in cases like mine.  So the new rule is….  Two Strikes and You are OUT!!

2 thoughts on “Just Plain Wrong

  1. I’m with you…as the Bible says, “don’t cast your pearls in front of swine.” I’ve known a lot of swine in my life. I read your post earlier, then went to the gym. While biking, I was ruminating about ego and came up with: the ego has no ears…and now that I’m reading your post again, I realize I took your words, internalized then and spat out my own version. LOL! Bad writer!

    1. hahaha…. that is one big compliment to me…. that is, that you ruminated on my words about the ego… that you spat out your own version works for me. One cannot copyright an idea…. just the words! Ruminate away my friend!! hahahaha

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