Puerto Aventuras, A City of Light

This was originally published in December 2010.


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Puerto Aventuras,  a City of Light.


Our little town, now 22 years old, has developed into quite the community.   As Victor Hugo once remarked, “There is nothing more powerful than an Idea whose time has come.”   And now, the time has come to express how fortunate we are to be in Puerto Aventuras.


From the initial vision and architectural drawings, a vibrant community has emerged, peopled with diverse and interesting characters from around the globe.  In the early days, I am told, that Puerto was mainly comprised of architects and engineers.  Now, a microcosm of the western world, many people from different nations call Puerto their home…  or their second home.


Why is this?  Is it the beautiful location on the side of the Caribbean Sea?  Is it the safety and security of a gated private town?  Is it the tranquility in the midst of a bustling Riviera Maya coast?  Maybe all of these reasons and some more private ones have attracted us here.


Some of you will remember years ago that I opened a small Reiki Center where we practiced Tibetan Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Massage, Acupuncture and other Alternative Healing Modalities.  During this time, many interesting people passed through Puerto on their way to other destinations and I had the privilege to visit with many of them.


One day, about twelve years ago, a couple of Mayan healers came to visit me and asked me to close the door to the Reiki Center so that we could speak in private.  They showed me some ancient relics and symbols and then asked if I would accompany them to the end of the beach where the canal separated the beach from the Caleta.  There, Maria shared her vision with me as we looked down the beach to the fledgling town.  She said that “Puerto Aventuras is a City of Light.”


As Maria began to speak about her vision of Puerto Aventuras, I could feel a great sense of love.  Her husband, Carlos, was eager to move here from Puerto Morelos but Maria was firm.  She said no.   It wasn’t for them to live here.  So they asked me to pass on this information to interested people at the right time.  And now, I believe “this is an idea whose time has come.”


So what is a City of Light?  Most people feel something different here in Puerto and can’t quite say what it is.  It feels uplifting, relaxing and good.  After my first visit, I kept recalling that great feeling.  I had to come back to experience it again and again until I finally chose to live in this energy full time.  Do you know what I mean by that feeling?  …that Puerto feeling?


Whatever, our reason for being here and whatever  our theories about the energy of Puerto and this coast, I know I am grateful for the original visionaries – the architects, engineers and the holy people who all saw the City of Light in its embryo form.  Now it is up to us to determine how we live in it!


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Donna Carey is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Wedding Officiant who has made her home in Puerto Aventuras since 1998.    You can reach her at donna@reikibakery.com  or                                                                                                                       stop by Paparazzi Pizza or the  Marisqueria Flamingos, Puerto Aventuras.                                                                          Copyright Donna Marie Carey  2010.

4 thoughts on “Puerto Aventuras, A City of Light

    1. yeah, seems as if this whole coast has a special something… and each space has some subtle differences but we are certainly very fortunate to know this Mayan Riviera Light energy!

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