The Orange Dress

We had such a full night
The night before
That I decided to wait
To see you once again

Enjoying the art of waiting
Staying present in the moment yet anticipating
Listening to the sounds
The waves, the gulls, passing footsteps in the sand

I watched my breath
And floated in the pure lands
While a lone sandpiper ran quickly, then stopped
Ran quickly, then stopped

The distinct day forms
Began to blur into a dusky pinkness
The first stars twinkled
Even the sound of the sea softened

And my waiting softened too
No longer sharp anticipation
More like a smooth and natural glide into
The next phase of something big

Settling in and waiting
Would tonight be as big?
Would it be as passionate?
Would the kisses be as sweet?

And then as day was turning into night
A flash from your direction
A golden sentinel of light announcing your arrival
Your door slowly opened

And there you stood
Magnificent and Beautiful
In your new Orange party dress.
Perfect for the night after…
The Full Moon

Copyright July 2013. Donna Marie Carey. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The Orange Dress

  1. Hi Donna, just checking in, I of course fell into the bottomless pit of work all summer. But things are changing here and that is good for the future. Hope all is well and you and Joni are still going on your trip. Keep me posted

    1. Deb!!!! Hi… I have been thinking about you because the trip has morphed and changed and been rescheduled a few times…. Right now, I am waiting for updated pricing for the Nepal part. We are thinking of going Nov 5 – 22. Home before Thanksgiving!! Cooking School, Thai Massages, Temples and Markets in Bangkok…. Tiger’s Nest, the Divine Madman’s Fertility Temple, Black Crane Festival, temples and mountain and valley walks in Bhutan… A private flight around Mount Everest, shopping and temples, Stupa at Boudnath in Kathmandu…. I should have the itineraries and prices ready in the next couple days. Interested? Trip will be limited to 8 people for the size of the private plane!! Come with us!!

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