Octopus Potato Salad

July 15, 2014

Just returned from Rio Lagartos, one of the most interesting fishing villages in all of the Yucatan.  Not only do the fishermen regularly net octopus, lobster, and many varieties of fresh fish, they are also known as the largest exporter of Sea Cucumbers in the area.  Containers line up for this precious cargo to be shipped to Japan every year.

Fresh and delicious seafood is common to the area but no one has yet put my Octopus Potato Salad on the menu.  So I am free to share my recipe with you.

Boil whole potatoes with the jackets on.  When cooked, douse them in cold water and then peel and slice.

In a separate pot, boil whole baby octopi until tender, usually about 45 minutes depending upon the octopus.  Cool and then clean and cut into pieces.

Marinade the octopus pieces and potato slices in a mixture of freshly squeezed lime, Cold pressed virgen olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper.

Arrange the potato slices on a bed of chopped lettuce and put the octopus on top.  You can eat this warm or chilled.  I prefer warm but chilled has its benefits too.  Try them both!

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