The Golden Moon

Two weeks ago, we celebrated a full lunar eclipse.  Here is a beautiful photo of the golden moon that emerged after the eclipse.  Tonight, to celebrate the new moon, I further improve this blog offering by including the post eclipse golden moon.  Enjoy!  October 14, 2015

This is a revised version of the poem I published a couple of years ago!  Walt Whitman was one of my early favorites and he revised Leaves of Grass countless times.  This gives me the courage to go back and improve older works as my writing improves.  Feb. 15, 2015



Eight beautiful women stepped down the beach
Dressed mostly in white,
Caribbean breezes brushed the hair from our faces.

Some held burning incense making figure eights in the air
Others chimed bells and cymbals
I stroked a Himalayan bowl blending in sweet sounds.

We moved on the hard sand in the light surf
Silently chanting our personal mantras
Until we stopped, nestled into the sand like turtles and watched the sky.

Shyly, she showed her light from behind a cloud
A little more boldly she began to emerge
In silence, we watched her show

Until finally, in full splendor
The golden July moon shone upon us.
In silence, we absorbed her blessings.

She then began to throw golden buttery kisses my way.
I thrilled in the ecstasy of this holy moment and thought of you.
I asked her to throw you a few kisses too.

Did you get them?

A poem from Sonam Donnala

Copyright July 2013. Donna Marie Carey. All rights reserved.

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