Golden Moon

Eight beautiful women walked down the beach
Dressed mostly in white,
The Caribbean breezes brushed the hair from our faces.

Some with burning incense were making figure eights in the air
Others chiming bells and cymbals
And me with a little metal Himalayan bowl making sweet sounds

We walked on the hard sand in the light surf
Silently chanting our personal mantras
Until we stopped, nestled into the sand and watched the sky

Shyly, she showed her light behind a cloud
And a little more boldly she began to emerge
In silence, we watched her show

Until finally, in her full splendor
The golden july moon shone upon us.
In silence, we absorbed her blessings.

And then she began to throw golden buttery kisses to me.
I thrilled in the ecstasy of this holy moment and thought of you
And I asked her to throw you a few golden buttery kisses too.

Did you get them?

A poem from Sonam Donnala

Copyright July 2013. Donna Marie Carey. All rights reserved.

An Open Letter to my Friends in Akumal

July 13, 2013

Dear Friends from Akumal,

I write today because I feel we share the Heart of the Riviera Maya…   Akumal the left ventricle and Puerto Aventuras the right…  if you take the point of view of looking from the ocean to the land.  I know recently there has been a lot of discussion about the ecology and economy on our coast as a result of increased tourism.   Not only do we share the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth but we also share the responsibility of sustaining it, maintaining it and possibly improving it.

Economic growth has blessed us with many opportunities and various problems in the last 15 years I am aware of.  And now, we are standing at a crossroads.  Is it time to apply solutions to the problems based on time worn ideas that may have been successful in the past?  Or is it time to step back, take a breath and look to a regenerative solution?  A paradigm shift?

A regenerative solution starts with the individual – each one of us individually.  Forget the old patterns of trade-offs and ideas to minimize harm.  Instead I am encouraging what could be considered a radical idea; that is, it may be the time to establish a NEW VISION with both long term and short term goals based on today’s reality.  And that reality includes increased tourism and increased use of our natural resources.

Regeneration is inclusive.  It is about including people in the establishment of a new vision.  It is not about minimizing the opposition or justifying top down decision making.  And regeneration is not about defining outcomes beforehand.  It is more about setting a general agreed upon coherent vision.

A paradigm shift is about recognizing a NEW TRUTH.

Many of you know that I have traveled to Bhutan many times, usually about once a year.  For those of you who want to know more about Bhutan, I invite you to check out my blog at  However, for purposes of this letter, I would like to share a little about Bhutan.

Bhutan is a small Himalayan country about the size of Switzerland and has established itself as one of the most progressive thinking countries in Asia.  The fourth King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, established Gross National Happiness as the measurement of success for his little country back in 1974.  Since that time, the idea has been embodied by a generation of Bhutanese and is even measured by the government annually as an aid in determining the the direction and focus of its programs.

Gross National Happiness is based upon four pillars – sustainable and equitable socio-economic development,  conservation of the environment, preservation and promotion of culture and good governance.    Perhaps this is an idea whose time has come for Akumal, Puerto Aventuras and other communities in the heart of the Mayan Riviera.

Perhaps, the good people of Akumal can gather together – the oldtimers and the newbies – to determine what the new vision for the town based upon a balance of good economy, care for the environment, preservation of the culture while being led by an enlightened leadership that not only values short term gains but also long term goals.  After all, leaders are a reflection of the people they lead.

Perhaps, Akumal, well known worldwide for its commitment to conservation can lead the heart of the Mayan Riviera or for that matter, the whole coast in establishing a NEW VISION, a NEW META  based on the realities of 2013.

Victor Hugo once said, “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”  Perhaps the time is now for Akumal to stand up and lead us all with a new balanced idea of how to live well is this old new Mayan world.

How do we thrive while living on the Mayan Riviera balancing economic growth with preserving the environment?  This is the nut we must all crack sooner or later.  What do you think, dear friends from Akumal?  Are you up to  tackling this seemingly difficult task?  The moment is hot.  The moment is now.

Sincerely and with a lot of love,


Puerto Aventuras, A City of Light

This was originally published in December 2010.


puerto agosto2009 010

Puerto Aventuras,  a City of Light.


Our little town, now 22 years old, has developed into quite the community.   As Victor Hugo once remarked, “There is nothing more powerful than an Idea whose time has come.”   And now, the time has come to express how fortunate we are to be in Puerto Aventuras.


From the initial vision and architectural drawings, a vibrant community has emerged, peopled with diverse and interesting characters from around the globe.  In the early days, I am told, that Puerto was mainly comprised of architects and engineers.  Now, a microcosm of the western world, many people from different nations call Puerto their home…  or their second home.


Why is this?  Is it the beautiful location on the side of the Caribbean Sea?  Is it the safety and security of a gated private town?  Is it the tranquility in the midst of a bustling Riviera Maya coast?  Maybe all of these reasons and some more private ones have attracted us here.


Some of you will remember years ago that I opened a small Reiki Center where we practiced Tibetan Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Massage, Acupuncture and other Alternative Healing Modalities.  During this time, many interesting people passed through Puerto on their way to other destinations and I had the privilege to visit with many of them.


One day, about twelve years ago, a couple of Mayan healers came to visit me and asked me to close the door to the Reiki Center so that we could speak in private.  They showed me some ancient relics and symbols and then asked if I would accompany them to the end of the beach where the canal separated the beach from the Caleta.  There, Maria shared her vision with me as we looked down the beach to the fledgling town.  She said that “Puerto Aventuras is a City of Light.”


As Maria began to speak about her vision of Puerto Aventuras, I could feel a great sense of love.  Her husband, Carlos, was eager to move here from Puerto Morelos but Maria was firm.  She said no.   It wasn’t for them to live here.  So they asked me to pass on this information to interested people at the right time.  And now, I believe “this is an idea whose time has come.”


So what is a City of Light?  Most people feel something different here in Puerto and can’t quite say what it is.  It feels uplifting, relaxing and good.  After my first visit, I kept recalling that great feeling.  I had to come back to experience it again and again until I finally chose to live in this energy full time.  Do you know what I mean by that feeling?  …that Puerto feeling?


Whatever, our reason for being here and whatever  our theories about the energy of Puerto and this coast, I know I am grateful for the original visionaries – the architects, engineers and the holy people who all saw the City of Light in its embryo form.  Now it is up to us to determine how we live in it!


candles & rainbows 032



Donna Carey is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Wedding Officiant who has made her home in Puerto Aventuras since 1998.    You can reach her at  or                                                                                                                       stop by Paparazzi Pizza or the  Marisqueria Flamingos, Puerto Aventuras.                                                                          Copyright Donna Marie Carey  2010.

Do you believe everything you think?

June 28, 2012

So do you believe everything you think?  Now isn’t that a good question.  Think about it a minute.

You might say…  Well, I thought it so it must be true!  But is it…. really?   Where do those thoughts come from?  Are they influenced by another conversation?  Something you heard on the radio or saw on TV?  Or maybe it was that mango smoothie you had at lunchtime?

What are the elements that influence thought?  Are they biochemical?  Emotional?  A neuronal process seeking higher ground?

Byron Katie has built an entire career, a life based on four questions.

The first question is “Is it true?”

And the second question…  “How do you know it is true?”

These two questions alone can occupy my mind for hours on end as I begin dissecting the minutia of my own belief system.

So today is about questions.  And it is said, the answers are found inside the question.  So I guess you can find me inside of one of these caves of a question with my searchlight on full force…. at least for a little while.

Just Plain Wrong

June 27, 2012

Did you ever wake up and know that you were just plain wrong about something or someone?  You know the feeling where you just want to slap your forehead (why, I don’t know…. maybe to shake up some brain cells) and you say to yourself, “How could I have not known?  How could I have fooled myself?”

These moments are deeply fertilizing.  What I mean is, if we stick with the new course and don’t jump ostrich-like into the deep quicksand of unconsciousness, or into the depths of self recrimination, we have an opportunity to use these “How could I have been so stupid?” moments to fertilize the growth of a new direction in life.

The ego doesn’t want to hear that she has been wrong.  “How could that be?” she asked demurely.  “Why, I am hardly ever wrong about anything.”   (Can you hear the southern accent?  I don’t know why my ego has a southern accent but she does!  Maybe she really developed when I lived in Alabama, twice. )

Anyhow, I have prided myself for being deeply patient with people in my life – loving the unlovables only to finally realize why they are so unlovable.  But now, I am changing course.

Of course, it is difficult to change the habit of being infinitely patient and yet it is so necessary in cases like mine.  So the new rule is….  Two Strikes and You are OUT!!

Woman That I AM


by Donna Marie Carey

I haven’t let the little girl go
Oh no… no, no
She dances inside
And often comes out to play.
So what makes me the woman that I am?

I can light up a room when I walk in
Not only with my smile but also the touch of my eyes

Am I the prettiest? No way
Am I the smartest? Nope
Am I the sexiest? Not a chance
And yet, men and women are drawn to the woman that I am.

What is this mystery, this power of the woman that I am?
I am open-hearted, generous and nurturing
And in a flash can turn into a cabrona if I encounter a bully at prey

I don’t hold back my love but share it like a reverse shadow that lights up my path and those I touch

I have some good, good friends, you know, the kind you can call at 3 in the morning to ask for help
But I don’t make that call until I have done everything… everything I can… to help myself
Is that a quality or a fault?

Both… for the woman that I am.

I am loyal. I am wise. I listen between the lines with my heart, eyes and hands
I love myself, I care for myself,
I appreciate my beauty, my wisdom, my power, my mystery and even my bitchy side

I am courageous enough to rearrange the furniture of my life and give away my favorite clothes
To make room for the unknown, the unknowable, the unlovable and the loved

I laugh at myself and life too, woman that I am.

I was born under a lucky star and…
Even though life is not always easy…the way I choose to dance it,
I know, as a woman, the woman that I am.

MY choice: how I live
MY choice: who I love
MY choice: what to include in
MY choice: what to keep out

I AM a poet, a mystic, a dancer, a lover of life
I AM sensitive and sensual, fiery and fierce, fun and funny
I appreciate the truth and also a well-spun tale.

I can hold your little girl hand if you are afraid or sad
Or hug you to keep you warm and safe
Or laugh with you and dance to celebrate a new love…   or a big full moon…   woman that I am.

And… and now… the best part of all of this is…
The most beautiful secret I now reveal…
It is this… just this…

I am having a grand… and I mean a really grand…

with God!!

And I know how to share…
Woman that I am.

Written on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Puerto Aventuras, Mexico for Casey’s Becoming a Woman Ceremony.

and soon after it was copyrighted!!

The South Also Exists

June 21, 2012

Yesterday, the first day of summer, I wrote the following email to my mailing list.  And I received many wonderful responses that have encouraged me to write again.  Below my email is a response from a friend in Uruguay.

“Happy Summer Solstice to YOU!!

The solstice is on the heals of the new moon this June…. it is the longest day of the year…. the time the sun makes its furthest reach north before turning to the south again…. or is it the earth that turns in this eternal dance?

For me, it is a definitive time of cutting away the past…. cutting away all the negative frequencies that no longer serve….   all of the things that have brought you this far north in your life…  and focus totally and positively what you are birthing, bringing into creation.

For me, it is making a commitment to the new future…. honoring the part in which we are each co creators of that future…. the future is not up to chance, nor the gods, nor the powers that be…. each of us has the ability to create our own future – within the realms of reason and within the realms of magic…. especially when we step out of our comfort zones.

So what to do?  How to celebrate this day?  let go of all that has brought you to this point that no longer serves you… maybe identify those things by writing them down on a piece of paper and burn it, bury it or let it drown in the ocean, river lake or stream….   And then define, write down or draw a picture if the words are not enough to express what you need to express…  what your ideal future looks like, feels like, sounds like…  and dedicate yourself to your vision.  sound good?

You might want to keep the piece you have created for your new vision until the next solstice in the winter when the sun reaches its southernmost point.  That way you can refer back to it and let it help you keep on track…”

Now for Darda’s response…

For us here in the south hemisfere, is Winter Solstice! Cold an foggy! 
Time to be inside near de fireplace. Time to meditate with the inner 
sun, preparing to grow and blossom in spring time.
Best wishes and enjoy

And then in Darda’s next email yesterday, she wrote:

We have a song that goes: "El sur también 

Translated, that means “The south also exists.”

Isn’t amazing how we tend to think about the world from our limited point of view.  I love it when my thinking is enlarged to encompass a more global perspective.  After all, aren’t we all connected in some way on this little blue planet?

Have you been to the Southern Hemisphere?  Crossed the equator?

I ask myself, what do I know about the South?  And I am not talking about Alabama or Chiapas.  I have crossed the equator a couple of times, but I couldn’t really put my finger on any great differences except that summer was winter and winter was summer.

So I went to the bathroom to flush the toilet to check which way the water spun as it went down the drain.  It looked counterclockwise to me and that had me question what I had heard so long ago… that is… water in the north flows down the drains in a clockwise direction while in the southern hemisphere it flows counterclockwise.

uh oh…. confusion was about to set in, so in moments like this, I did what many of you would have probably done in the first place, checked with GOOGLE.  There, the first entry was called The Skinny on… by Hannah Holmes.

She described the Coreolis Force and then went on to explain in great mind boggling detail the reasoning behind how it could be possible for water to swirl in opposing directions based on which hemisphere you were in.  And then…  she debunked the whole thing as a myth claiming the direction of the water down the drain had much more to do with water jets than hemispheres and that the Coreolis force was a fictitious force.  Other top entries in Google were also calling this a myth.

hoo boy…..

I wondered, who told me about this in the first place?  Was it a teacher in school?  Had to be.  We didn’t have internet when I was growing up and my East German mother and American father had never been to the southern hemisphere nor were they interested in much about the South.  At least they never talked about it.  The world was America and Europe.  Asia came into the mix as a relevant part of the world when my step father came into the picture.  Even though he was of strong Irish descent, he had been stationed in China during World War II.  And would never eat rice because of the experience.

The inevitable question dawned.  How many other pieces of misinformation have I built my life upon?   hmmmm…..   this will require some thought and another blog piece….  You might want to ask yourself the same question…

One thing is for sure, I think…  The South also exists!  My friend Darda lives there.  I trust her.  But now I am thinking of checking this out firsthand with a trip to Uruguay…   to find out, exactly what exists in the South and personally flush the toilets!  Anyone want to go to Uruguay with me?

The Day Venus Kissed the Sun

June 5, 2012

Today is the day that we will be able to see the planet Venus cross in front of the sun.  Here in Mexico, they say the event will be visible to us about an hour before sunset.  Sooooo…. si Dios quiere and the clouds lift their veils, we may have the great luck to witness this phenomenon that will not be repeated in our lifetime. I encourage you to find your most favorite place to watch sunset – rooftop, beach, a beautiful west facing condo balcony – whatever it might be… Wouldn’t it be great to take a few moments to be conscious of this astronomical event?

The almost Full Moon will make an appearance tonight as well, around 9pm. These Venusian shows come in pairs – the last one was in June of 2004.  It was wondrous to see and marvelous to be aware that it was happening as it was happening.  It was like the opening act of the grand show of the end of the Mayan Calendar.  And now we have the closing of the first astronomical act.

Much has been said and written about the year 2012 – take from it what you will.  What I know about the Mayans is that they were great sky and star gazers.  One of their very favorite objects was the planet Venus with all of her dances – sometimes rising in the morning, sometimes rising at night.  And today, she kisses the sun!

So what does that mean?  It surely meant something different to ancient Mayans than it does to modern people.  The marvelous thing is that they, the ancient Mayans, with their understanding of the world and the universe and the stars and we, people alive in the year 2012, are connected by the fact that we are all aware of this event.  What it means… who knows?  What a lot of people are talking about is mostly conjecture.

One of my favorite road signs here in Mexico is one that says, “Obedezca las senales”  In English, it means “Obey the signs” Think about that a moment…   if you can’t read Spanish, you can’t obey the signs, even though there are signs telling you to obey the signs!!!  So what do you do?  Look at what everyone else is doing?  Use common sense?

It is that way with celestial signs too.  If you know the language and can read the signs, well…. obey the signs.  And if not, well…. I would watch those who know how to read the signs and use common sense too!! Make sense? Sin mas por el momento,

This is the famous Stela from Coba that was deciphered to give us the end date of the Mayan Calendar. Can you read and obey this sign?