Do you believe everything you think?

June 28, 2012

So do you believe everything you think?  Now isn’t that a good question.  Think about it a minute.

You might say…  Well, I thought it so it must be true!  But is it…. really?   Where do those thoughts come from?  Are they influenced by another conversation?  Something you heard on the radio or saw on TV?  Or maybe it was that mango smoothie you had at lunchtime?

What are the elements that influence thought?  Are they biochemical?  Emotional?  A neuronal process seeking higher ground?

Byron Katie has built an entire career, a life based on four questions.

The first question is “Is it true?”

And the second question…  “How do you know it is true?”

These two questions alone can occupy my mind for hours on end as I begin dissecting the minutia of my own belief system.

So today is about questions.  And it is said, the answers are found inside the question.  So I guess you can find me inside of one of these caves of a question with my searchlight on full force…. at least for a little while.