The South Also Exists

June 21, 2012

Yesterday, the first day of summer, I wrote the following email to my mailing list.  And I received many wonderful responses that have encouraged me to write again.  Below my email is a response from a friend in Uruguay.

“Happy Summer Solstice to YOU!!

The solstice is on the heals of the new moon this June…. it is the longest day of the year…. the time the sun makes its furthest reach north before turning to the south again…. or is it the earth that turns in this eternal dance?

For me, it is a definitive time of cutting away the past…. cutting away all the negative frequencies that no longer serve….   all of the things that have brought you this far north in your life…  and focus totally and positively what you are birthing, bringing into creation.

For me, it is making a commitment to the new future…. honoring the part in which we are each co creators of that future…. the future is not up to chance, nor the gods, nor the powers that be…. each of us has the ability to create our own future – within the realms of reason and within the realms of magic…. especially when we step out of our comfort zones.

So what to do?  How to celebrate this day?  let go of all that has brought you to this point that no longer serves you… maybe identify those things by writing them down on a piece of paper and burn it, bury it or let it drown in the ocean, river lake or stream….   And then define, write down or draw a picture if the words are not enough to express what you need to express…  what your ideal future looks like, feels like, sounds like…  and dedicate yourself to your vision.  sound good?

You might want to keep the piece you have created for your new vision until the next solstice in the winter when the sun reaches its southernmost point.  That way you can refer back to it and let it help you keep on track…”

Now for Darda’s response…

For us here in the south hemisfere, is Winter Solstice! Cold an foggy! 
Time to be inside near de fireplace. Time to meditate with the inner 
sun, preparing to grow and blossom in spring time.
Best wishes and enjoy

And then in Darda’s next email yesterday, she wrote:

We have a song that goes: "El sur también 

Translated, that means “The south also exists.”

Isn’t amazing how we tend to think about the world from our limited point of view.  I love it when my thinking is enlarged to encompass a more global perspective.  After all, aren’t we all connected in some way on this little blue planet?

Have you been to the Southern Hemisphere?  Crossed the equator?

I ask myself, what do I know about the South?  And I am not talking about Alabama or Chiapas.  I have crossed the equator a couple of times, but I couldn’t really put my finger on any great differences except that summer was winter and winter was summer.

So I went to the bathroom to flush the toilet to check which way the water spun as it went down the drain.  It looked counterclockwise to me and that had me question what I had heard so long ago… that is… water in the north flows down the drains in a clockwise direction while in the southern hemisphere it flows counterclockwise.

uh oh…. confusion was about to set in, so in moments like this, I did what many of you would have probably done in the first place, checked with GOOGLE.  There, the first entry was called The Skinny on… by Hannah Holmes.

She described the Coreolis Force and then went on to explain in great mind boggling detail the reasoning behind how it could be possible for water to swirl in opposing directions based on which hemisphere you were in.  And then…  she debunked the whole thing as a myth claiming the direction of the water down the drain had much more to do with water jets than hemispheres and that the Coreolis force was a fictitious force.  Other top entries in Google were also calling this a myth.

hoo boy…..

I wondered, who told me about this in the first place?  Was it a teacher in school?  Had to be.  We didn’t have internet when I was growing up and my East German mother and American father had never been to the southern hemisphere nor were they interested in much about the South.  At least they never talked about it.  The world was America and Europe.  Asia came into the mix as a relevant part of the world when my step father came into the picture.  Even though he was of strong Irish descent, he had been stationed in China during World War II.  And would never eat rice because of the experience.

The inevitable question dawned.  How many other pieces of misinformation have I built my life upon?   hmmmm…..   this will require some thought and another blog piece….  You might want to ask yourself the same question…

One thing is for sure, I think…  The South also exists!  My friend Darda lives there.  I trust her.  But now I am thinking of checking this out firsthand with a trip to Uruguay…   to find out, exactly what exists in the South and personally flush the toilets!  Anyone want to go to Uruguay with me?