Quinoa Amaranth Veggie Burgers

July 12, 2014

Summer!  Time for burgers.   On my quest for delicious healthy gluten free, dairy free food, I came up with this one yesterday, Quinoa Amaranth Veggie Burger.  And I also learned an important life lesson.


Quinoa Amaranth Veggie Burger

My camera tumbled to the ground yesterday and while everything looked okay in the moment, I now know the automatic focus has been jammed….  hmmmmph…  but I didn’t realize this until AFTER I consumed this most delicious veggie burger.  So, please accept the apology for the less than stupendous photo.  I will compensate with a recipe for a super delicious gluten free – dairy free veggie burger and when I get the lens taken care of I will get some more photos.  The recipe yielded 10 burgers, 9 of which are in the freezer now!


Mushrooms sliced and sauteed in a little vegetable bullion with fresh rosemary

Red Quinoa (cooked)

Amaranth (my new cooking buddy)

Chia Seeds

Swiss Chard, chopped

Organic Chicken Eggs

A little Cassava (Yuca) Flour

Sea Salt and Pepper to Taste

Combine all ingredients including the juice from the sauteed rosemary mushrooms.   Form into patties.  If the mass is too moist add a little extra Cassava Flour.  Cook in a skillet with a little olive oil until browned.  Enjoy.

1/2 cup of uncooked quinoa  which formed the base of this recipe yielded 10 veggie burgers.

This combo of edible seeds, gluten free grains, veggies and herbs provides complete proteins with essential amino acids as well as fiber, magnesium (queen of helping to assimilate calcium), calcium, iron, omega 3s, vitamin A and the memory strengthening qualities of rosemary to boot.