The Day Venus Kissed the Sun

June 5, 2012

Today is the day that we will be able to see the planet Venus cross in front of the sun.  Here in Mexico, they say the event will be visible to us about an hour before sunset.  Sooooo…. si Dios quiere and the clouds lift their veils, we may have the great luck to witness this phenomenon that will not be repeated in our lifetime. I encourage you to find your most favorite place to watch sunset – rooftop, beach, a beautiful west facing condo balcony – whatever it might be… Wouldn’t it be great to take a few moments to be conscious of this astronomical event?

The almost Full Moon will make an appearance tonight as well, around 9pm. These Venusian shows come in pairs – the last one was in June of 2004.  It was wondrous to see and marvelous to be aware that it was happening as it was happening.  It was like the opening act of the grand show of the end of the Mayan Calendar.  And now we have the closing of the first astronomical act.

Much has been said and written about the year 2012 – take from it what you will.  What I know about the Mayans is that they were great sky and star gazers.  One of their very favorite objects was the planet Venus with all of her dances – sometimes rising in the morning, sometimes rising at night.  And today, she kisses the sun!

So what does that mean?  It surely meant something different to ancient Mayans than it does to modern people.  The marvelous thing is that they, the ancient Mayans, with their understanding of the world and the universe and the stars and we, people alive in the year 2012, are connected by the fact that we are all aware of this event.  What it means… who knows?  What a lot of people are talking about is mostly conjecture.

One of my favorite road signs here in Mexico is one that says, “Obedezca las senales”  In English, it means “Obey the signs” Think about that a moment…   if you can’t read Spanish, you can’t obey the signs, even though there are signs telling you to obey the signs!!!  So what do you do?  Look at what everyone else is doing?  Use common sense?

It is that way with celestial signs too.  If you know the language and can read the signs, well…. obey the signs.  And if not, well…. I would watch those who know how to read the signs and use common sense too!! Make sense? Sin mas por el momento,

This is the famous Stela from Coba that was deciphered to give us the end date of the Mayan Calendar. Can you read and obey this sign?